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Practical International Data Management - Difference in local language versions

Speakers of the same language is different regions or countries may speak a different form of that language, which needs to be taken into account. Recognising and taking account of these differences is not only more culturally sensitive, they aid clarity - customers will not always understand words used from other dialects, or they may mean something completely different.


Some differences between British and American English:

British American
berk idiot, boor
biscuit cookie
candy floss cotton candy
coach long-distance bus
cot baby's crib
courgette zucchini
curtains drapes
full stop period
to grizzle to whine
knackered worn out
lift elevator
post mail
to skive to loaf
subway pedestrian underpass
tap faucet
tramp bum
underground subway

Some differences between North and South Dutch (Flemish) and Dutch used in Suriname:

North Dutch Flemish Suriname English
ansichtkaart postkaart postkaart postcard
grapefruit pompelmoes pompelmoes and grapefruit used to refer to different fruit grapefruit
ik houd van je ik zie u graag ik hou van je I love you
Jeannet flikker boeler Gay man
magnetron microgolf microwave microwave
marechaussee rijswacht militaire politie military police
mobieltje GSM cell mobile phone
pinpas bankkaart pinpas PIN card
sinaasappel appelsien sinaas orange (fruit)
Spa Rood spuitwater soda water sparkling water
tosti croque-monsieur toast toasted sandwich
ui ajuin ui onion
vrachtwagen camion pick up lorry/truck

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